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Magic Mushrooms Recipes You Should Definitely Try

These days, multiple people find psilocybin mushrooms efficient in fighting anxiety and depression and promoting productivity and creativity. There is a diversity of shroom ingestion – starting from eating them raw to capsuling and adding to food. Magic mushrooms feature an unpleasant taste and cause nausea in most cases, so people become engaged in psychedelic cuisine to hide the natural taste of shrooms and make their consumption even more enjoyable. Today, we’ll introduce you to magic mushroom food recipes you can’t overpass.

Psilocybin mushrooms and cooking: what to know

If you decide to cook your psilocybin mushrooms, you should know some essential things. One of the main downsides of cooking shrooms – it can cause a less potent psychedelic experience. The trip is likely to be mild if you prepare a full meal, while mushroom chocolate does not influence the shroom potency. 

For many users, cooking magic mushrooms is another way to hide their natural taste, prevent nausea, and even practice microdose. In addition, you should be careful with heating shrooms. Remember that compound psilocybin tends to be destroyed at 72.5 degrees Celsius, so keeping the temperature lower is your best bet. Take into account that consuming shrooms with food takes longer to kick in when compared to eating them on an empty stomach.

The best magic mushroom edible recipes

1. Magic mushroom chocolate

Among various magic mushroom recipes, this one remains a favorite for many users. For shroom chocolate, grab a handful of dried magic mushrooms (according to the desired dosage) and a few dark or any other chocolate bars. Take a sharp knife to grind dried shrooms into smaller pieces. 

Next, place the glass bowl with chocolate pieces into a saucepan filled with water and wait until the water boils. Stir chocolate to melt it, remove the saucepan from the stove to let the melted chocolate cool down, then add ground shrooms to the liquid chocolate. Mix chocolate with mushrooms, pour this mixture into molds, and wait until it is refrigerated in the fridge. Voila!

2. Blue honey

If you seek magic mushroom sweet treats recipes, we have something to offer you – psilocybin-infused honey! Delicious blue honey is another convenient way to ingest your mushrooms, and you can easily store it for a couple of months without worrying that honey spoils. 

The recipe couldn’t be more straightforward since you need to stock up with two main ingredients – dried shrooms and runny honey (or agave syrup). The first step is determining your dosage to determine what dose of psilocybin is contained in a teaspoon. 

Next, grind your mushrooms into smaller pieces, and grab a jar. Layer your container with ground mushrooms and honey until a jar is filled. Ensure you don’t heat honey as it can make psilocybin break down. Finally, seal a jar, and leave it for 1-4 months in a cool, dry place to let psilocybin infuse honey. Enjoy an excellent psychedelic treat!