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How To Track The Sale Of Your Home Wisely

With the industry becoming increasingly competitive as well as rental cost, properties that remain on the market for an extended period can often be forgotten by agents and potential buyers. With affordable and straightforward changes, you can let your house stand out from others, making it more sellable. Follow these guidelines to sell your home wisely:

Cultivate Kerb Appeal 

Look at your house’s exterior through the eyes of an outsider with no emotional connection to the property, and neaten its appearance. Make sure the garden and verge are neat and tidy; consider planting flowers or flowering shrubs. Wash down garage doors, security gates and your front door, as well as exterior walls; hire a high-pressure power sprayer for this job.

Wipe down light fittings and make sure that any pathways look good. Also, loose and sagging gutters can give a wrong impression so mend these before a show day and make sure that the house number is visible to avoid any frustration in potential buyers finding the right house.

Clear All Clutter

Keep in mind that from the moment a potential purchaser walks through your front door, they start to imagine how their possessions will occupy the space. To encourage this, it’s wise to make sure your house is clutter-free, so start getting rid of any unwanted items by throwing these out or donating them to a charity. Pack unnecessary items whose absence will not leave your house looking bare and make sure packed boxes are out of the way, storing them neatly in the garage or storeroom.

Smaller rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms can appear cramped with a bulky dresser or unsorted items in the way, so remove these. Also, remember that a clean house makes a better impression.


Remove family photographs and children’s drawings from the walls and fridge door. You don’t want potential buyers to be focused on these, but instead, want them to visualize their personal belongings in the space. Make sure that critical areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless, clutter-free and smelling fresh; these are often the rooms that have the most significant impact on a potential buyer. By merely replacing or updating handles, you will be surprised at the improved appearance of kitchen cupboards and the impression it will leave on potential buyers.

Keep It Neutral 

The colour of the walls, doors and fittings is a matter of personal preference; bright purple, red or black walls are seldom a good idea if you want to sell your house quickly. Where it is possible, paint walls in a neutral colour; not only is this restful and pleasing on the eye, but it will give potential buyers a clean canvas to work with and make rooms appear more significant.

Lighten up 

Another relatively inexpensive way to brighten up your home is to consider changing light fixtures, says home renovations specialist Abri Perold of Brain Wave Living Projects: ‘Try to establish continuity by avoiding a different fitting for every room, unless you have an eclectic house with a particular style. If money is tight, concentrate on the kitchen and consider small downlights in the bathrooms. Ensure that every globe or downlight works.’